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      Qubo: the minivan with ultra-compact dimensions, original lines and incredible load capacity: an original and surprising car.


      Fiat Qubo Bluetooth car radio

      Space for music

      Driving is more fun with your favourite music. This is why in the Qubo, you will find a radio system, with 5" touchscreen and 6 speakers, with the option of connecting via Bluetooth, USB, AUX or MP3 or audio streaming.
      Qubo Tom Tom navigation system

      It can do more, all at the same time

      It may come as a surprise for some, but the Qubo's technology manages to do several things at once, by perfectly integrating the onboard technology and incorporating a Tom Tom navigation system. To simplify your life, in full Qubo style.
      Fiat Qubo Traction+ system

      Trekking spirit?

      With just two driving wheels, Qubo Trekking can handle even the most difficult terrain. The Traction+ system provides better stability (up to 50 km/h). The M+S tyres guarantee maximum grip in all weather conditions.