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      500L Cross

      Share your most memorable experiences with the people you care most about. The new Fiat 500L Cross: where civilisation ends, adventure begins.

      Fiat 500L Mirror

      The special edition Mirror series gets a Cross makeover!

      All the technology of the 500L Mirror with the crossover look, so you can always stay connected to your insatiable wanderlust. Even when travelling off the beaten track!

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      Fiat 500l S-Design

      New Fiat 500L S-Design Making space for style.

      All the convenience of the 500L City Cross, now in a new, even sportier version.
      From the exclusive matt two-tone Donatello Bronze paintwork with glossy black roof, to the Dark Myron details on the mirrors, handles, size bezels, bumpers and front grille, through to the interior with specific seats: everything about the New 500L S-Design has been chosen to give it an even stronger personality, still with all the space you could want.

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      Fiat 500l city cross

      Fiat 500L City Cross: The off-road look takes on the town.

      Tackle your usual roads from a different point of view.
      25 mm more ground clearance than the urban version, crossover look and fabric interiors create the mood of a hatchback with a comfortable, stimulating interior with space for you and all your passengers, eager to explore every corner of the city and still not miss any chances for out-of-town adventures.

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      Radio USB Fiat 500L Cross

      New UCONNECT? 7’’ HD LIVE touchscreen radio +USB

      The radio with new 7’’ touchscreen display lets you choose your playlists and favourite radio stations, and access all the other functions of the on-board system with a simple touch, and there's a USB port so that you can connect a compatible external device to play the tracks and use the apps on it.
      And for the most sophisticated users, there's the Beats system.
      Take your music with you wherever you go.
      500L reversing camera technology

      Smart rearview camera

      Every adventure takes you to challenging roads, but some really are too much. So all you can do is back up and go the other way. No worries: as soon as you engage reverse gear, the rearview camera comes on and a clear, sharp image of what's behind you appears on the display of your new 500L Cross. Thanks to the dynamic grid, what's more, manoeuvring is a breeze and you won't get into any scrapes.
      500L Cross reversing camera technology

      Go your own way

      The new Mode Selector, in the middle of the console, gives you three drive modes to choose from (Normal, Traction+ and Gravity Control) so you can adapt you car's responses to the type of road ahead. And every trip in your 500L Cross will feel effortless.
      Apple CarPlayFiat 500L Cross

      Apple CarPlay

      The new 500L Cross works with Apple CarPlay.
      Apple CarPlay is the smartest and safest way to use you iPhone in the car. Thanks to the main apps and functions developed specifically for CarPlay on your 500L Cross's screen, you can get traffic bulletins, make phone calls, send and receive text messages and listen to music without taking your attention off the road. With Siri, you can use voice commands to manage the main functions of your smartphone, or use the touchscreen or steering-wheel-mounted controls.

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      CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trade marks of Apple Inc.
      Android Auto Fiat 500L Cross

      Android Auto?

      The new 500L Cross is compatible with Android Auto™.
      Android Auto™ simplifies access to your content and apps while you're driving without putting your safety at risk. Your apps will appear on the screen of your 500L Cross, thanks to the simple, intuitive interface, organised into easy-to-read pages. With Google Maps, you get traffic bulletins and a whole lot more in real time, and with the best hands-free technology, you can make calls and send and receive messages without taking your hands off the wheel.

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      Android, Android Auto™, Google Play and other brands are registered trade marks of Google Inc.
      Android Auto Fiat 500L Cross

      Your car in the palm of your hand

      Thanks to innovative technology from MOPAR CONNECT, you no longer have to worry about anything you will always know where you parked your car and can check your speed, trips and whether the doors are locked or unlocked, all via your smartphone. And push notification mean that you will never run the risk of forgetting anything in the vehicle.