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      Spacious, versatile and solid. Doblò is the people carrier that needs no advanced notice.


      Fiat Doblò high roof

      Need an extra 27 cm of headroom?

      You don't need a longer car to enjoy more space: the Doblò High Roof is 27 cm higher than the standard version, without lengthening your Doblò by a single millimetre.
      Fiat Doblò high roof box

      We challenge you to fill it

      Fill it with anything you like: the Doblò High Roof offers you 3200 litres of capacity, in a 5-door configuration with a rear load threshold that is 55 cm from the ground, making it even more accessible. You really are spoilt for space. But will you manage to fill it?
      Fiat Doblò high roof autonomy

      Travel with freedom

      The Doblò High Roof is also configurable for the safe transport of people in wheelchairs, since it is eligible for Autonomy Services, the Fiat Group's mobility programme.


      Fiat Doblò Uconnect infotainment

      Ready for the big trip?

      Onboard the Fiat Doblò you can tour with even greater gusto thanks to the Uconnect device with 5-inch colour touchscreen display, which allows you to listen to the radio, MP3 tracks or playlists on your smartphone via the AUX and USB inputs.
      Fiat Doblò infotainment technology

      Go live while you drive

      Travel online with Uconnect LIVE services for the Fiat Doblò. Browse Twitter and Facebook, listen to songs galore with the TuneIn online radio service or access a library of over 35 million tracks on Deezer. Alternatively, you can listen to real-time traffic updates from Reuters.
      Fiat Doblò Ecodrive

      Can a car be green?

      Doblò uses less fuel with eco:Drive, the system that monitors your driving habits, analysing your Doblò's consumption and emissions, and gives you suggestions for greener driving.
      Fiat Doblò digital radio navigation system

      Where would you go without NAV?

      Included as an option on Uconnect in the Fiat Doblò is NAV, a DAB touchscreen digital radio with navigation system, which is preloaded with maps of all major European countries. For safe touring together with the whole family.