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      124 Spider

      Exactly 50 years later, the iconic 1960s design is back in a roadster created for pure driving pleasure: the Fiat 124 Spider.

      New 124 Spider Europa

      124 Spider Europa: the true Italian-style Spider

      Celebrate the classic “spidereuropa” edition sold by Pininfarina since 1981, with an exclusive Limited Edition.

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      Fiat 124 Spider S-Design

      Fiat 124 Spider S-Design: Driving style

      Distinctive style, elegant sportiness: 124 Spider S-Design brings spellbinding beauty to the world's roads. Cool exterior, exquisitely finished interior and guaranteed enjoyment, reinforced by the on-board technologies.
      124 Spider S-Design, styled for you.
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      Light up the road to make it your own
      Fiat 124 Spider full LED headlights

      Full LED headlights

      Headlights with full LED* technology and AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) to direct the beam of light based on the speed and range of the curve, lamp washers and rain and dusk sensors: control and visibility at all times. With 124 Spider the road is yours.

      * available with Visibility Pack
      Fiat 124 Spider Bluetooth radio

      An interface one step ahead of the rest.

      7’’ touchscreen display with multimedia control to ensure all the functions you need are within easy reach. DAB radio with Bose system and 9 speakers. Wi-FI and Bluetooth connectivity, two USB ports and an AUX input**.

      **with Radio Pack - Premium Pack and Bose System
      Fiat 124 Spider Bose Audio System

      Bose Sound System

      An exclusive audio system, which ensures a sound quality that is always perfect, even when the hood is down. The Bose system has 9 speakers, 4 of which are integrated in the headrests.
      Fiat 124 Spider Keyless Go

      Keyless Go

      Keyless car entry, locking and ignition. Fiat 124 Spider knows it only too well: those who want to get away have no time to wait.*

      *with Radio Pack - Premium Pack